A MindPeace Room™ is  a physical space available in school allowing for students to decompress and practice social-emotional and resiliency skills.  When these spaces are unavailable, MindPeace wants to make sure that you and your family have resources available to promote this type of learning.

To get started, select the Virtual MindPeace Room™ below that best fits your needs and practice using the tools.

Be sure to visit our traditional MindPeace Room™ physical spaces.

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Virtual MindPeace Room™ Feedback

I sent two of our Administrators the link to the Virtual MindPeace Room™.  While I was here, we were able to put the aquarium video on the TV in our lobby.  Our kids are fascinated by it.  Usually, they will come to the lobby when they’re upset and need to take a break but they’re usually loud, constantly moving around.  Today, I walked out of my office three times to kids standing in one place, staring at the TV.  FANTASTIC IDEA!!!! Thank you for passing along and know that the videos will be put to good use for our students.

Nikki Boberg, Director of Youth Services, Talbert House

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