MindPeace is a tremendous resource for schools trying to connect mental health services with students and families.  The mission and passion of MindPeace is to make sure that all students have access to mental health services despite their economic circumstances.  As a school superintendent, my experience with MindPeace has been nothing short of amazing.Todd Yohey, Superintendent of Lebanon City Schools
MindPeace has been a tremendous help with connecting partnerships and resources that focus on creating better outcomes for our most vulnerable students.

With their guidance we were able to improve our systems in place by creating a calm space for students in distress. The MindPeace Room offers a calm environment where students can get the immediate attention and support they need to become motivated learners by improving their self-regulation skills. The space not only supports the distressed student, but also supports the entire school climate by ensuring less distractions during instruction.

Making sure all of our students are successful academically and socially could not be done without the support of MindPeace.Elizabeth Cone, Resource Coordinator for Taft Elementary

MindPeace has been invaluable to us at Deer Park Schools.  They provide the support, resources and tools that help us continue to make forward progress with relation to brain health needs within out district.  Whether it be from bringing a new mental health agency to the table or providing a Principal’s Toolkit, they are always ready and willing to help where there is a need.Dr. Stace Orso, Assistant Superintendent, Deer Park City Schools
Mt. Washington School has a wonderful partnership with MindPeace. Due to their on-going support we now have a fine tuned mental health service program that is a model for the district. The client base has expanded tremendously and our mental health partner continually introduces new programs to meet the ever changing needs of our students and their families! MindPeace has been instrumental in fostering the relationship between our school and our mental health provider, and our students and families have benefited so much as a result of these combined efforts. Debra Klein, Principal & Ilene Hayes, Resource Coordinator for Mt. Washington School