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Creating a Seamless System of Care

MindPeace works together with community partners to continue the development and implementation of a seamless system of mental health support for children and adolescents, with a focus on school-based, stakeholder-selected partnerships.

At the site level, we work with schools to identify the unique mental health needs of their population and to select community partners to provide quality, affordable, accessible, integrated and aligned school-based therapy services for students in need. Once a partnership is established, we work to ensure a healthy, sustainable relationship, and to connect schools with trauma-informed mental health prevention, intervention and crisis support resources and programming.  Click the sample report above to see an example of this.

MindPeace holds monthly meetings to bring decision-makers and mental health advocates together to create shared visions of how to best meet the mental health needs of children and young adults in our community.


MindPeace helps families and schools identify resources.  One way MindPeace does this is by housing the database of community and school-based mental health professionals and agencies.  Visit our homepage to find the searchable database or the name of the therapist at your child’s school.  Throughout the MindPeace website you will find resources that will best fit your needs!  Please call our office at (513) 803-0844 if you need additional mental health resources in the Greater Cincinnati area.

MindPeace Rooms™

MindPeace Rooms™ are not only used to help with deescalation but are social-emotional learning environments where students can learn to self-regulate their bodies and emotions.  MindPeace has become the local expert in the development, implementation and ongoing consultation for spaces around Greater Cincinnati.  Learn more »

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What do we do When Schools are Closed?
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Transitioning Care

Transitions can be really difficult for children and adolescents and their families.  MindPeace created transition tools for students entering high school, students entering their senior year of high school and students graduating from high school.  These toolkits provide resources to help students build resiliency and find access to mental health and wellness resources.

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Barriers to Care

An ongoing need is addressing barriers to mental health care in Cincinnati.  One example of how MindPeace tackled a barrier was to create a workgroup of the partner behavioral health agencies that went through a 9-month long quality improvement science program.  The workgroup brainstormed and tested new ideas to improve access to care.  The output of this effort has been shared with all partner agencies to gain momentum across the city of Cincinnati and testing continues!

Suicide Prevention and Postvention Support

MindPeace often partners with 1N5 to assist schools with developing and implementing a comprehensive suicide prevention plan.  The plan is multifaceted and includes key components like education, peer to peer support and screening.

Supporting schools and their community after a loss of student by suicide has been an unfortunate need. MindPeace partners with the community and SERA to help schools develop short and long term postvention plans to ensure the entire school and its community are supported during these difficult times.

Safety and Emergency Planning

MindPeace brings together partner agencies to establish systematic support to address children in crisis. Hundreds of counselors and therapists have been trained to understand and utilize the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale, our region’s standard screening tool.  Greater sharing of critical information through electronic medical records has occurred, and mental health agencies extended after-hours support.