A MindPeace Room™ is Different than a Calming Room

Calming Rooms are spaces used to help deescalate students.  Sometimes these are also referred to as Chill Zones, Sensory Spaces or Comfort Areas.  A MindPeace Room™ promotes de-escalation and are supervised by school staff.

These staff members are trained by MindPeace on the MindPeace Room Process which not only contributes to the student’s de-escalation, but also teaches students self-regulation and resiliency skills. A MindPeace Room is a safe space and helps adults build trusted relationships with students in the school setting.

MindPeace Room™ Podcast

MindPeace Program Manager, Elana Carnevale was featured on the 1N5 of Us podcast.  On the podcast Elana spoke about how a MindPeace Room™ is utilized, what they teach students, and what the outcomes have been thus far.  Listen to it here»

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Featured Example – Rising Stars at Vine

Rising Stars At Vine BeforeRising Stars At Vine Before

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Western Hills Before

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Indian Hill Before

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