Are MindPeace Rooms™ the same as ‘Calming Rooms’?

The short answer is ‘no.’ 

Calming Rooms (also referred to as Chill Zones, Sensory Spaces or Comfort Areas) are rooms used to help de-escalate students whose classroom behaviors have become disruptive. The goal of these spaces is short-term focused – get the student to ‘calm down.’  

In contrast, a MindPeace Room™ is a social-emotional learning environment, supervised by school staff and designed to promote the development of self-soothing skills and to equip each student with the emotional toolbox necessary to realize success both within the classroom and beyond. The goal of MindPeace Rooms is both short-term and long-term focused. 

MindPeace Room™ Podcast

Join MindPeace Program Manager, Elana Carnevale, as she shares MindPeace Room™ tips, strategies and stories on the 1N5 of Us podcast.

  • How is a MindPeace Room™ utilized?
  • What does a MindPeace Room™ teach students?
  • What have the outcomes been thus far?

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