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Introducing MindPeace’s
School-Based Mental Health Consultancy

Join us for MindPeace’s proprietary school-based mental health framework which has been under development for more than 20 years.



The estimated percent of youth with mental, emotional or behavioral disorders nationwide who receive care from a specialized mental healthcare provider according to the CDC.


MindPeace’s Network

The access-to-care rate achieved by MindPeace’s Network of 200+ schools within 24 school districts in the 2022-2023 school year.

Invest in STRENGTHENING your school-based mental health partnership through MindPeace’s School-based Mental Health Consultancy.

Our Consultation Packages

Consultative Package 1

Launching New Partnerships

Designed to support schools with new or recently established school-based mental health partnerships in building a strong foundation of success for connecting students to care. Leverage key proprietary tools, templates and resources that work!

Consultative Package 2

Improved Partnerships

Developed for well established school-based mental health partnerships interested in evaluating the health of their current partnership and making key improvements to maximize student access to care!  Leverage key proprietary tools, templates and resources that work!

Which package is right for your school or district?

What’s Keeping You And Your School Team Up At Night?

It’s time to move beyond simply putting out fires:
  • Teacher Burnout

  • Disruptive Student Behaviors

  • Teacher Shortages

  • Academic Performance Pressures

It’s time to get ready for:
  • Greater academic success

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Decreased behavioral concerns

  • Improved school climate

  • Improved academic outcomes