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Brighter Outcomes Consultation Package #2
Improved Partnerships

Developed for well established school-based mental health partnerships interested in evaluating the health of their current partnership and making key improvements to maximize student access to care! Features virtual participation in the Brighter Outcomes Academy, up to (5) one-on-one consultations with MindPeace, and access to proprietary tools, templates, and resources that work! Save time and improve outcomes through the benefit of MindPeace’s intellectual property developed over the past 20+ years in successfully working alongside more than 200 schools!

Brighter Outcomes Academy #2
(6) bi-weekly, virtual sessions


  • Evaluate the current state of your partnership with a school-based mental health partnership fitness rubric and action plan
  • Strengthen stakeholder support (from parents, staff, students, and your community at large) and keep it strong!
  • Discover key processes that can take your partnership to the next level
  • Break down the impenetrable walls of mental health stigma
  • Leverage data to drive better care and to rightsize your team
  • Glean (and share) new insights and ideas from (and with) other school leaders

PLUS, receive a customized toolkit and take-home activities for each session that will get you and your team on your way to partnership success!

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