Early Childhood Virtual MindPeace Room™2020-06-29T16:04:40-04:00

Early Childhood (K-2nd grade)

Calming Activities- Use these tools to calm your mind and body
Practice deep breathing and recognize how your body feels
Moving helps decrease stress and release energy
Use these activities to think about something else
Understand Your Feelings-
Learn to recognize and name your emotions

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What are you Feeling Right Now?2020-04-02T11:13:48-04:00

Use these emojis to put a name to your emotion

StoryBots Songs about Emotions2020-03-29T15:52:48-04:00

Get Calm With Under The Sea Meditation Music2020-03-31T19:18:55-04:00
Refocus with Brain Games2020-04-02T12:10:33-04:00

Dot By Dot2021-01-13T14:59:35-05:00

Color By Number2020-10-10T14:09:40-04:00

Elmo’s Belly Breathing2020-03-31T18:22:50-04:00
Sesame Street’s Elmo and friends teach the belly breathing strategy for keeping calm, set to a fun tune.

Guided Imagery Under the Sea2020-09-11T10:03:28-04:00
Mindful Ozzy Introduces Mindfulness2020-03-31T18:17:58-04:00
Get Moving With Go Noodle2020-04-02T11:17:29-04:00

Visit https://family.gonoodle.com/ for other videos!

Cosmic Kids Yoga2020-03-31T19:00:11-04:00

Learn Yoga From Appuseries2020-03-31T18:18:12-04:00
PBS Kids Games2020-04-02T11:08:43-04:00

Sesame Street: Name That Emotion2020-04-13T13:25:43-04:00
Self-Regulation Calm-Down Kit2020-04-14T16:36:00-04:00

Parent assistance required!

Be the Pond2020-05-01T10:46:42-04:00
Star Wars Jedi Kids Workout2020-05-19T15:53:48-04:00
A Little Peaceful Spot: A Story About Mindfulness2020-05-19T15:52:41-04:00
Playworks Play at Home2020-06-30T12:01:21-04:00

5-4-3-2-1 Grounding2020-10-10T14:10:39-04:00

Feel Wheel2020-10-10T14:11:11-04:00

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Kids2020-09-11T09:58:25-04:00

Highlights Kids Games & Puzzles2020-10-10T14:07:49-04:00

Rainbow Breath2020-10-13T09:47:15-04:00
Bring It Down2020-10-13T09:48:13-04:00
Shake Your Sillies Out2020-10-13T09:49:00-04:00
Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song2020-10-13T09:49:49-04:00
The Goldfish2020-10-13T09:50:19-04:00
Water Bottle Calming Jars2020-10-13T15:20:02-04:00

Adult assistance required.

A Little Spot of Feelings2020-11-12T14:37:39-05:00
Breathing Sphere2021-06-17T13:02:30-04:00
Magic Meltdown2021-06-17T13:03:55-04:00
Hero Focus2022-01-20T15:08:24-05:00
Two Minute Mindfulness Activity2022-01-20T15:11:20-05:00
The Color Monster2022-01-20T15:13:05-05:00
Yoga with Paw Patrol2022-01-20T15:13:42-05:00
Freeze Dance2022-01-20T15:14:18-05:00
Square Breathing2022-02-01T14:06:15-05:00

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes2022-08-29T08:26:10-04:00
The Way I Feel2022-08-31T14:59:53-04:00
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