Young Adult Virtual MindPeace Room™2021-05-11T17:05:53-04:00

Young Adults

Calming Activities- Use these tools to calm your mind and body
Practice deep breathing and recognize and control your body
Moving helps decrease stress and release energy
Use these activities to think about something else
Understand Your Feelings- Learn to recognize your emotions

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Dot By Dot2021-01-13T14:59:35-05:00

Down Dog2021-01-13T15:00:23-05:00

Select your time, level, focus, voice and music and Down Dog creates a unique, personalized yoga practice every time.

Brain Teasers, Puzzles and Games2021-01-13T14:59:00-05:00


Progressive Muscle Relaxation2021-01-13T14:58:07-05:00
Yoga at Your Desk2021-01-13T14:57:39-05:00
How Mindfulness Empowers Us2021-01-13T14:57:11-05:00
The Gratitude Experiment2021-01-13T14:56:19-05:00
A Roller Coaster of Emotions2021-01-13T14:55:00-05:00
How To Make an Easy Origami Butterfly2021-01-13T14:54:39-05:00
Mini Zen Garden2021-01-13T14:54:20-05:00
Rafting Track Marble Run2021-01-13T14:53:13-05:00
Swamp Sounds at Night2021-01-13T12:53:16-05:00
Breathing Sphere2021-06-17T13:02:30-04:00
Soothing Jellyfish Aquarium2022-01-20T15:09:03-05:00
Meditation for Frustration2022-01-20T15:11:56-05:00
Box Breathing2022-01-20T15:12:27-05:00
Yoga for Teens2022-01-20T15:14:57-05:00
Breathe In2023-09-18T12:46:50-04:00
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