Mental Wellness Routines During Uncertain Times (25:13) 
Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP – A New Day Pediatric Psychology, President and Owner
Routines and daily practices are a large part of maintaining positive mental well-being. In times of crisis, however, these daily schedules may fall to the wayside or fail to serve us. With changes in almost all aspects of life, most people are finding that their normally favorite coping strategies are no longer possible. Routines may need to be tweaked. This webinar will talk about right size expectations during this time, reevaluating health and wellness goals, creating new habits for well-being, and adjusting and maintaining routines for both individual family members and as a family unit.

Live Webinar (choose the date you want to attend; the same material will be presented on each day):  9/17/2020 @ 5pm EST;   10/8/2020 @ 5pm EST;   11/12/2020 @ 5pm EST