Where can a person with no money and no insurance get mental health treatment?
  • In Hamilton County, Ohio, you can contact Mental Health Access Point (MHAP) at 513-558-8888 and get connected to services based on need.
  • In Kentucky, you can contact North Key at 859-331-3292.
  • In Butler County, you can contact the Butler County Community Mental Health Board at 513-860-9240.
  • In Clermont County, you can contact the Clermont County Community Mental Health Board at 513-732-5400.
What if I have a small income but no real means to pay for mental health treatment for my family member?

Each region has agencies that provide services for a “sliding fee scale” that is based upon the income of the family. If the family has no money there would be no fee. If the family does have an income, the amount they would pay for services would be based on income as well as the amount of dependents in the family. All income (whether it be taxable or not, such as ADC) is counted. There is a formula that determines what that amount would be and it will be discussed with families prior to beginning treatment.

If I have private insurance, can I still go to a public agency for services? Will my insurance cover my services there?

Sometimes private insurance companies will pay for services delivered at a public agency. It is best to check with your insurance company and the agency. In Hamilton County if you need assistance with this, you can call Mental Health Access Point (MHAP) at 513-558-8888.

Can I request a specific agency for mental health services for my child?

Yes, client preference is always a priority unless the child’s needs indicate an alternative treatment facility. If the child needs an alternative treatment facility, this would be discussed with the family and options explored.

Can I go to any state or county to receive mental health services?

Different states and counties may have different rules about whom they serve. For example, in Hamilton County, the Hamilton County Community Mental Board requests that people receiving their services be Hamilton County residents. You can find out what your region’s requirements are by calling your local mental health board.

What if my child has a crisis, after normal business hours?

Most mental health centers have after hours staff that take phone calls to manage crisis and give direction to the family. Be sure to ask your treatment provider what their procedure is for reaching them after hours. If your child’s crisis is one that needs immediate attention, you can go to the nearest hospital.

If I am unhappy about the treatment my child has received or I am mad at the staff working with my child and family, what can I do?

Try talking with the staff about your concerns and your frustration. If this is not helpful, call your treating agency and ask to speak with the supervisor of the staff. Try to be nice and explain your reason for being upset. Have an idea about what would solve your dilemma and ask for this. If this is still not helpful, ask to speak to the clients’ rights officer of the agency.