Where can a person with no money and no insurance get alcohol or drug treatment?

In Hamilton County, Ohio, you can contact Recovery Health Access Center (RHAC), 513-281-7422, and get connected to services based on need.

In Kentucky, you can contact North Key at 859-331-3292.

In Butler County, Ohio, you can contact Sojourner Recovery Services at 513-868-7654.

In Clermont County, Ohio, you can contact the Clermont Recovery Center at 513-735-8100.

What if I have a small income but no real means to pay for alcohol or drug treatment for my family member?

Each county/region has agencies that provide services on a “sliding fee scale” that is based upon the income and size of the family. The fee for services is based on income as well as the number of dependents in the family. All income (including government aid) is counted. Each agency uses a formula to determine what that amount will be and this will be discussed with families prior to beginning treatment.

If I have private insurance, can I still go to a public agency for services? Will my insurance cover my services there?

Sometimes private insurance companies will pay for services delivered at a public agency. It is best to check with your insurance company and the agency. In Hamilton County if you need assistance with this, you can call Recovery Health Access Center (RHAC) at 513-281-7422.

Can I go to any state or county to receive alcohol or drug services?

Different states and counties may have different rules about whom they serve. You will probably find that agencies will only serve persons living in their state and in some cases, will only serve persons living in their county. In Ohio, persons who have Medicaid coverage can receive treatment anywhere in Ohio that they choose.

What if I am told there is a waiting list to receive treatment services?

It is common to wait a few days to a few weeks for treatment services as there are not sufficient resources in the area. The wait may be as long as a few months for some residential programs. If is important for you and your child to find some supportive services while you are awaiting admission to treatment. The agency you have contacted may have services called “pre treatment” or “transitional case management” in which a professional will provide phone contact, support/education groups, or other services as needed. If the agency doesn’t offer this, call the Recovery Health Access Center (RHAC) at 513-281-7422 for transitional case management.

How can I find a facility that specializes in treating abuse of a particular drug (e.g., cocaine, marijuana, inhalants)? What if my child/adolescent also has an emotional or mental health problem?

Most treatment programs are capable of treating any drug or alcohol problem. Most programs can also address co-occurring mental and emotional problems or make arrangements for this treatment by another agency.

What if my child has a crisis after normal business hours?

Recovery Health Access Center (RHAC), 513-281-7422, has 24-hour phone coverage to manage crisis and give direction to the family. Once your child is receiving services, be sure to ask your treatment provider what their procedure is for reaching them after hours. If your child’s crisis is one that needs immediate attention, you can go to the nearest hospital.

If I am unhappy with the treatment provided or other services of the agency, what can I do?

Try talking with the treatment staff about your concerns or frustration. If this is not helpful, call the agency providing the treatment services and ask to speak with the supervisor. It is helpful if you can speak clearly and calmly so the staff can understand the reason you are dissatisfied. If you have ideas about how they could better meet your or your child’s needs and increase your satisfaction, make those suggestions. It will help them help you. If this is still not helpful, ask to speak to the clients’ rights officer of the agency.