Getting Mental Health and Academic Support at Cincinnati State

Office of Counseling Services

Location: Main Building, Room 171 (Clifton Campus)

Phone: (513) 569-5779

Hours: Monday through Friday 9am-5pm


About Us

The Counseling Office is a part of the Student Development Division and offers counseling and assistance to enrolled students. Services are provided by professionally trained counselors who are committed to a student’s right to privacy, within professional guidelines and legal limitations. All services are confidential.


The Counseling Office generally operates on an appointment basis. Students who want an initial meeting with a counselor should call (513) 569-5779 or email Students can also request an appointment by filling out the Counseling Services Appointment Request form. Visit the Counseling Services office in Main Building Room 171 (Clifton Campus): Hours M-F, 9a-5p.

Cincinnati State offers a free app “CState Cares” to provide counseling and academic (etc.) resources to students easily on the phone.


Mental Health and personal counseling services are free of charge to enrolled students. Career Counseling is open to enrolled and potential students of Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

Who Provides Counseling Services?

The staff consists of full-time and adjunct licensed mental health professionals. In person counseling is done by Masters level student interns and is supervised by LPC-S.  Telehealth is provided by LPC’s.


Counselors are personally, professionally, and legally committed to the students’ right to privacy. Counseling protects the confidentiality of students in all aspects of services including student files and student information. Information will not be disclosed outside of the Counseling Office without a students’ written permission, with the exception of circumstances which would result in clear danger to the individual or others or as may be required by law.

Office of Disability Services

Locations: Clifton Campus Disability Services ATLC Bldg. Room 412, Middletown Campus Johnston Hall Room 112, Harrison Campus 5701 Delhi Rd.

Phone: Clifton Campus: (513) 569-1775, Middletown Campus (513) 727-3400 or
For information about accessibility services contact Alex Grant at (513) 244-4623 or email

TTY: (513) 559-1527

Hours: Clifton Campus Monday – Friday 8a.m.-4p.m.
Middletown Campus Monday-Friday 9am-3pm
Harrison Campus Monday-Friday 8am-4pm



About Us

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) works with students having special needs to ensure they receive reasonable academic accommodations in courses of study, according to their individual needs. The goal: to guarantee that all students with disabilities have an equal opportunity in the pursuit of their educational objectives.

Eligible students are strongly encouraged to tap the services of this office. College studies show that students who consistently use ODS resources and accommodation services earn higher grades and graduate at a higher rate than students who choose not to use them.

In partnership with a dedicated staff and within a structured program, students participating in Project Excel work to attain a college education and realize their dreams. To apply for Project Excel, students need to be accepted to the university and have a diagnosis of a learning difference (such as ADHD).

Typical accommodations include:

  • Extended time to take tests or quizzes.
  • Quiet environment for tests or quizzes – The student takes their test in the Disability Services office or another distraction-free environment that the instructor proctors.
  • Note taker – A student in a class volunteers to take notes for the student with a disability.
  • Livescribe – A student uses a special pen with a built-in recorder that can replay specific points in the lecture on demand. The Livescribe automatically converts voice to text when saved.
  • Mini Tape Recorder is used to allow the student to record lecture material.

Who is eligible?

Any otherwise qualified student or prospective student who states that he or she has a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) or the guidelines for section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 may register with this office.

To register for services, a student or prospective student must first provide appropriate documentation of disability. Student documentation should be current, typed, signed and on official letterhead.

It should include: Student’s Name and Date of Birth Diagnosis– This may be a high school ETR or letter from a Doctor or other Professional. If it is a letter from a Doctor or other Professional, it should include supporting tests used to determine the disability. Academic implications of disability Recommendations for the student

Documentation may be faxed to 513-569-4744 or emailed to

NOTE: IEP paperwork alone is not appropriate documentation of a disability. Actual diagnostic work-up report(s) must also be submitted.

How to register?

To register for services, a student or prospective student should meet with the ODS Director and provide appropriate documentation of a disability.

  1. Student submits documentation of their disability to the Office of Disability Services (ODS).
  2. Student has an intake interview with the ODS Director to establish accommodations. The ODS Director may discuss accommodations with faculty members prior to approval.
  3. The accommodations letter packet is printed.
  4. The student signs the accommodation letters and takes them to instructors to discuss accommodations and get instructor signatures. The instructor, student, and ODS Office keep a copy of the accommodation letter.
  5. If an instructor receiving the accommodation letter feels the requested accommodations may compromise essential functions of the course, the instructor should contact the chair of the program/department, who will discuss concerns with the ODS Director.