Our mission is to ensure that there is a seamless system of mental health care for children and adolescents that meets specific characteristics of quality, provides a continuum of care, has system connections, and is affordable. A focus is the improvement and expansion of school based mental health services.


MindPeace began as a project of the Junior League of Cincinnati (JLC) in 2002 to answer a significant need for an improved system of mental health care for children in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Hundreds of JLC volunteers devoted thousands of volunteer hours to develop a model for a seamless system of children’s mental health and wellness with the help of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and many other community partners.

In 2007, the JLC launched MindPeace as its own non-profit because no other mental health organization focused on systemic improvements to children’s mental health access and quality and in response to the demand from the collaborative network of providers and other stakeholders which had been developed through the work of MindPeace.

Annual Reports


istock_000040965646_doubleMindPeace works to increase access to quality mental health services for all children in Greater Cincinnati. Working in conjunction with community partners, MindPeace is expanding an innovative, sustainable model of school based mental health services provided by community agencies in school districts throughout Greater Cincinnati.

  • Real community empowerment
  • Lead mental health providers working in partnership with schools and all their partners
  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between schools and lead mental health providers
  • Delivery of services in the school space
  • Consistent measurement by all school based mental health providers

MindPeace has been the catalyst for shared outcomes and for quality improvement efforts!

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Additionally, MindPeace was asked by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to be responsible for the development and maintenance of a searchable online database of mental health providers that serve children within 150 miles of Greater Cincinnati. This database along with the resources on the MindPeace website strives to be a comprehensive information and referral source for pediatricians, families, and schools.

A CPS principal discussed the school based mental health model for which MindPeace has been the catalyst. “Gaining access to mental health services is not an easy path for many of our families. Having a lead agency within the building has allowed the school to partner with parents to gain supports that will help students find success. The phobia of the ‘mental health’ label is diminished since it became a part of school life.”

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Mr. Lee Carter, Chairman
Mr. Tad Lawrence, Treasurer
Dr. Barbara Boat
Ms. Nancy Eigel-Miller
Mr. David Mentzel

Ms. Victoria Parlin
Ms. Orly Rumberg
Dr. Michael Sorter
Ms. Shauna Murphy
Ms. Nancy Silverman